Face ID Check – Securing FinTech Companies Worldwide


Modern companies use face liveness verification services to ensure their employees’ authenticity. Face scan identity allows organisations to verify clients while performing customer onboarding procedures. Other biometric techniques such as fingerprinting and eye detection, are also used to verify customers’ identities.

Many customers around the world have experienced identity theft. Spoof attacks are getting more complex as biometric technology evolves over time. In reality, scams like this result in financial theft and put individuals in danger by committing fraud with their names.

Moreover, KYC face verification services help businesses by using the selfies of users and verifying them with their ID card images through artificial intelligence. Accurate authentication of customers’ IDs is only possible with AI-powered technology. Furthermore, companies use face ID check to provide a safe environment and accurate verification.

How is Face Checking done?

Facial recognition of customers’ IDs helps organisations work more effectively without worrying about fraud. This advancement is also being used in many smartphones. Some techniques through which face scanning is done are:

● Upload a Picture

The customer takes a picture or a selfie of himself/herself and then uploads it on the face verification software to verify his/her ID.

● Facial Scanning

The provided picture is matched using the camera with the customer’s real-time and previous database records. Essential facial features are verified to check the user’s authenticity or whether any fraudulent activity is happening.

● Facial Feature Comparison

The database record is utilised to validate the facial features of customers using the face ID check system. It also provides the necessary access to the consumer after carefully verifying their faceprints and authenticity.

Touchpoints Reduction

A diverse workforce is required for other biometric verification methods such as fingerprinting and palm detection. Facial verification solutions require no touchpoints at places like airports so people can have fewer points to make physical contact in order to complete entry checks.

Advantages of Facial Recognition Services

These services help corporations verify customers’ identities using face verification software. They are used for fraud detection and limit fraudsters from misusing any business’ data. Benefits of Facial recognition services are a must for businesses to increase their credibility in the industry and gain customers’ trust.

Following are some benefits of these verification services

● Unlocking of Phone

Smartphones are one of the most common devices among people and most of them can be unlocked without entering a password. It is due to the implementation of liveness authentication technology that smartphones are now capable enough to verify their real owner. It is one of the most advanced technologies and includes dot projectors that can scan a person’s facial features.

● Detect Criminals & Find Missing Users

Biometric face verification systems help companies to look for verified customer onboarding by doing comparisons between facial identification features. It is also utilised by the authorities of law enforcement to help them verify criminals and scammers who use fake identities. The police department also uses face verification solutions to identify and arrest a criminal by matching their faceprints.

● Enhanced Security at Airports

Airports are known as one of the highest-risk areas and need the best security system. Therefore, they use face validation techniques for security. This allows them to make the betterment of their services and allow travellers to reach the entry points using these techniques.

● Reduction of Fraudulent Activities in Organizations

Previously, cameras were used in businesses for security purposes but now they are upgraded with artificial intelligence-based face validation software. It verifies the identity of a customer instantly and allows them to increase reliability in the market.

● Better Customer Experience

Face liveness verification services improve the overall customer experience through instant facial validation of identities. It also eliminates the need for an in-person verification process as it takes a lot of time. Thus, customers can have digital identity authentication using facial detection techniques.

Use cases of Biometric Face Verification

  • Digital customer onboarding
  • Access to online business operations
  • Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)
  • Time management systems
  • Digital check-ins
  • Multiple training programs


In this day and age, the utilisation of a face ID check solution has been made in many corporations. It is a must for businesses as it makes them capable enough to identify authentic customers by cross-verifying their facial features. It has also been very beneficial in the company’s growth by detecting spoof attacks and criminal activities.

It is an instant and smart technique of customer ID validation, which as a result, improves the client onboarding procedure. AI and ML-based solutions have made face verification solutions even faster and more reliable than ever before. This is why companies are now able to identify their customers rapidly and with zero human errors. It also provides a risk-free environment and stops fraudsters from their evil attempts.


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