Desert Safari Dubai deals and Prices


How much does a desert safari in Dubai cost? If you’re looking to see the true desert, you should visit the desert and experience it yourself. Are you wondering if it’s likely to be happening to you in the future? If you’ve been aware of the desert safari options available in Desert safari prices Dubai, you’ll be pretty particular about it.

Desert Safari

It is regarded as the most prestigious option for desert safaris worldwide, and the Dubai Desert safari is sure to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

If the nagging question of what a desert safari in Dubai costs is haunting you, you should know that we offer a variety of budget-friendly safaris that you can pick from.

Is our Dubai Desert Safari worth the price?

There are many positives concerning the Dubai Desert safari. For one, it is among the top desert safari experiences you can have in the world and is worth every cent you spend on it.

There are many safari packages to pick from, which will keep you from worrying about the amount of desert safari Dubai costs per person.

While riding along Dubai’s Dubai desert, you’ll view a plethora of stunning golden dunes, unique spots to shoot photos, and a spectacular sunset.

Additionally, you will be joined by professional safari guides who are everything about the area and can accompany you on an exhilarating rollercoaster journey throughout the desert.

At the end of the ride, you’ll arrive at a campsite located in an oasis, where you will receive the traditional Arabian reception along with dates and Arabian coffee. It will be an excellent chance to go on the camel ride if you’d like.

Dubai Desert Safari packages

Considering the needs of all, we offer various options for desert safaris. If you’re on a tight budget, we have the ideal safari.

Basic safari package

The safari’s basic package allows guests to take in Dubai’s Dubai desert and the fantastic red dunes at a lower price. This is a night trip that lasts about 6 hours. You will be taken from your hotel by an SUV. You will be dropped off at the end of the safari. The package comprises:

  • Sandboard
  • Dune bashing
  • Camel ride
  • International Buffet Dinner, including BBQ
  • Sheesha facility
  • Fire show
  • Arabic dress photography
  • Photo-shoot opportunities at breathtaking locations
  • Soft drinks, coffee, and Arabic sweets

Red dune desert safari

If you’re an enthusiast, you must take a trip on the red dunes desert adventure. The thrilling journey over the dunes in the Dubai desert will remain in your memory for the rest of your life.

In this incredible package, you’ll also be able to participate in an unforgettable camel ride, belly dancing performance, Arab music, traditional BBQ and dune bashing, sandboarding, and many other things.

Custom-designed safari packages for your needs

Suppose you cannot select one of our packages offered for purchase. In that case, we can let you personalize your package by choosing from our list of choices that include entertainment, food, and other camp-related activities.

The benefit of this plan is that it ensures that you get to pay only for the things you genuinely like. Here is a list of items you can select to tailor your package.

How much will a desert safari in Dubai cost you?


A buffet-style dinner for international guests (vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes also included) and BBQ

Unlimited drinks (tea, coffee, water, as well as soft drinks)

Premier packages

If you’re not concerned about how much a desert safari in Dubai will cost you, We have some premium packages that you can select from. This includes:

  • Evening desert safari Dubai
  • Sunrise desert safari Dubai
  • Private desert safari Dubai
  • BBQ lunch desert safari Dubai
  • Morning desert safari Dubai

If you’re on a budget or are ready to go extravagantly, we’ve got the perfect Dubai tour package to suit your needs. For more details on our packages, pricing, and timings, or to make reservations contact us now.


  • Tanura dance
  • Belly dance show
  • Display of light and sound

Camp activities

  • Henna painting
  • Camel riding
  • Arabic dress photography
  • Sheesha facility offers different flavors available to select from
  • Hubbly bubbly smoking
  • Traditional Arabic warm welcome

Find Best Desert Safari Operators in Dubai

Desert safaris are now among the top things to do in the city of the world, Dubai. They are now among the most popular reasons to visit a developed city.

Dubai has become the new exciting destination for international tourists, and adventurers are flooding into the city in increasing numbers each year. Many of them aren’t acquainted with the adventures in the desert.

They plan out excursions in the deserts of Dubai and have different experiences like the desert safaris planned by experienced tour guides located in the top directory in Dubai.

There are many great options for desert safaris like numerous safe adventures set in the desert landscapes and entertainment and lavish meal buffets. Desert safaris can also be scheduled for the morning or noon and night.

You can pick your own convenient time. There are a variety of activities like eating out, sightseeing exploring the city, shopping, and more during your trip to Dubai. Make your plans carefully, and include the safari at a time that suits you.

If you’re an early riser and want to go on an early morning safari or desert safari might be the best option. The evening safari is your most suitable option if you’ve got some time left.

Evening safaris are packed with adventures, entertainment sessions, and a delicious dinner buffet. The morning safaris and the lunch safaris feature the most adventure-oriented sessions.


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