Dayara Bugyal Trek: Beginners Guide in 2023


Dayara Bugyal is a great place to explore newbies and perfect for a long trip. Dayara Bugyal Yatra passes through undeveloped terrain and dense forests and then reaches a wide area of ​​beautiful green meadows. Most of the hikers start their journey at Barsu village and descend through Raithal to witness the picturesque magnificence of Dayara Bugyal Trails. Imagine that you are lying in a magnificent pasture at an altitude of 3048 m, admiring the magnificent Himalayan peaks. Companions by your side,drinking tea.

Dayara Bugyal Trek

The wonderful view of the woodland in front of you, the coolness of the atmosphere adds to the aroma and taste of the tea. Now you can turn your fantasy into reality. During winters, snowboarders flock to Dayara Bugyal as the region receives a lot of snowfall. The best time to do the Dayara Bugyal trek is between May and November. However, due to the pronounced snowfall, it attracts tourists even in the cold months.

Tourism Of Village

The last settlement I found while starting Dayara Bugyal’s journey is Barsu village. This is also where Dayara Bugyal’s campground is located.On the road to Bedni Bugyal, one can stroll through the hamlet and discover the local way of life, customs and celebrations.


The Dayara Bugyal excursion is ideal for beginners as the route is relatively easy to navigate compared to other challenging excursions. It is no surprise that Dayara Bugyal is one of the finest stunning treks in Uttarakhand, with its lush greenery, sparkling rivers and diverse flora and species.


The entire trip to Dayara Bugyal is worth photographing as it is surrounded by magnificent trees and flowers and surrounded by stunning landscapes. Dayara Bugyal offers wildlife photographers a range of options to perfectly capture the natural world.

A Nearby Place To Visit

Dayara Bugyal is famous among tourists due to its large area of ​​beautiful green meadows.Barnala Tal ,which is covered with oak trees, is another famous picturesque place to visit while on your way to Dayara Bugyal. After visiting Dayara Bugyal, you can take a driving excursion to Harshil and Gangotri shrine.

Staying At The Place

Dayara Bugyal, at an altitude of 3,000 metres, offers an unmatched view of the snow-capped Himalayas to the north. There are no hotels or homestays available in Dayara Bugyal as it is a trekking place. Alternatively, one must bring their own shelter and camping gear. Which can be installed on level ground in Dayara Bugyal. Even before the journey starts the last settlement is Barsu. It is often considered the starting point of the trek.

The Food Of The Dayara Bugyal

Since the place is rarely visited by the locals, it is difficult to locate eateries or food vendors at this altitude. Pedestrians carry their own food and ration, and dinner is served once camp is established for the night. Are really Country foods that make up a meal for the hiking team. Plus, ready meals are a great option to bring because they’re quick and easy to make.

Suggested Trekking Itinerary

On the first and foremost day,you can visit the picturesque Mussoorie Bypass Road as part of a 5 to 6 hour journey. It takes an additional hour or two to reach Barsu from Uttarakhand. If you leave a little earlier than Dehradun, you should be ready to start hiking from Barsu around 1 pm. On foot, Barsu can be reached from Barnala plains in less than three hours. For the first 1.5 kilometres, the route appears to be completely marked. Rhododendron plants are abundant in this region.

On the second day, if you are hiking to Dayara Bugyal in winter, you can stay in the shepherd’s huts a kilometer before the original Bugyal as the highest parts of Dayara Bugyal are buried in 2-3 feet of frost. If you are traveling to Dayara Bugyal in summer, you can go even deeper and stay near the water source. 

The third day of this journey is probably the most spectacular. Continue trekking to know more about the width and circumference of Dayara Bugyal. You will be amazed how diverse the omnipresent Dayara Bugyal looks from every angle. Bakaria Top (3810 m), the highest peak,is reached via an uphill climb on the right. Lastly, talking about the fourth day, in Dayara Bugyal,you would choose not to miss the staggeringly beautiful day. After bidding farewell to the majestic Himalayan ridge,return to Barsu via Barnala Tal.You will be able to reach Barsu village in about 3 hours. If you want to cover the entire distance of Dehradun on this day, get up early.


Ideal trek for long weekends, Dayara Bugyal can be a perfect start for beginners. Dayara Bugyal trek goes through open land and dense forest at different places ending up at the vast expanse of lush green meadow. Most of the trekkers start their trek from Barsu village and they trek down via Raithal to see the scenic beauty of both the routes of Dayara Bugyal.


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