Compassion for Others Can Improve Your Health


Exercise, a good diet, and routine checkups with your doctor are all important for your heart health, but did you know that compassion for others can also matter? When you focus on helping others, even if it’s something small like holding the door for them, your brain gives you a boost of chemicals designed to make you happier. When you’re happy you’re also more relaxed, and that includes your heart and blood vessels. Being kind is good for your heart!

Can Improve Your Health

Compassion Doesn’t Have to be Huge to Be Important

According to Ian Weisberg, you don’t need to perform huge acts of kindness to help other people and get the benefits of being compassionate. You can do small things or big things, or a combination of both, in order to practice compassion and help your heart. You’ll feel more relaxed and content when you share joy and support with others, and when you can do something kind for them without expectation of return. It really is the little things that can lead to a fulfilled life.

Be Sure to Be Kind to Yourself, Too

To get the most value from compassion it’s important to make sure you’re extending it to yourself as well as others. Most people are guilty of talking down to themselves and not seeing their true value. If you’re doing that to yourself it’s time to stop and extend the same compassion you’re giving to others. You are just as valuable as anyone else, and protecting your heart can be easier when you acknowledge that and remind yourself that you matter, too.

Being kind to yourself takes some effort if you haven’t been doing it, but it’s a learned skill. Think of it as an investment in your heart health and a way to bring more fulfillment and value to your life. Then, you can share that compassion with others more fully and give back to the people around you.

Improve Your Heart Health With Human Connection

Dr. Ian Weisberg points out that a big part of compassion and kindness is the human connection it produces. That connection is a lot of what makes us feel happier and more fulfilled, and that, in turn, helps our hearts relax and work more efficiently. Your entire circulatory system can benefit from making connections with others through compassionate acts. Even just smiling at others helps, and it’s such an easy thing to do. Helping your heart health can be fun as you look for new ways to bring joy to the lives of others.



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