Businesspally Allude Facebook Ads Sales Funnel


If you want to place successful ads on Facebook and Instagram, you should also accompany the user through the sales funnel.

That means: first build awareness and trust and then advertise products and services.

The advantage of the marketing funnel is that the right target group can be addressed with the right message at the right time, says chaktty.So ToFu, MoFu and BoFu help to select the right campaign goal in the ad manager, to use the right content and to use promising creatives.

ToFu: creating awareness

Is your brand still unknown to users? Then the goal is to create awareness of your brand in the first stage of the sales funnel.You can achieve this, for example, through authentic, inspiring and entertaining content.You can address three different target groups in ToFu, according to businesspally.

Lookalike audience:

These are people who resemble your existing customers and could therefore be interesting for your company.They are generated based on customer tracking data from Facebook.

Core Audience:

The core audience can be created using Facebook’s own data and user interests.You have the option of aligning your ads according to demographics, location, interests and behavior, for example.

Open targeting:

Here you only limit your target group according to the existing demographic data, without specifically selecting user interests. In the ToFu phase, videos and animated creatives with inspiring and informative ad texts are particularly suitable.

MoFu: Strengthen user interest

In the second stage of the marketing funnel, you specifically address the users who have already found out about your product or brand.The aim is to convince repeat prospects here,  says chaktty.In the MoFu, it is best to choose the Custom Audience website or the Engagement Custom Audience as your target group.

The former are so-called “older” website visitors who have been to your website in the last 31 – 180 days but have not made a purchase.The latter are all users who have actively interacted with your Facebook or Instagram profile. In this phase of the sales funnel, you convince with explanatory content such as how-tos, user-generated content or helpful tips.

BoFu: turning users into customers

Your users are interested and have made it to the last phase of the sales funnel! Now it’s time to convince prospects and convert them into buyers.

How it works? Through challenging content, testimonials, appropriate landing pages and a clear call-to-action.

Your target group in BoFu is the Custom Audience website, according to businesspally.This includes, on the one hand, users who have looked at product detail pages on your website and, on the other hand, those who have already placed products in their shopping cart without ultimately placing an order.

Both groups can be divided into different periods of time and thus different target groups.Possible periods of time could be, for example, in the last “0 – 7 days” or “8 – 30 days”.In this way, shopping cart abandoners from a day ago and those from two weeks ago can be addressed differently.

In the BoFu phase, dynamic ads and collection ads based on your product catalog are particularly suitable, according to business pally.Users should see exactly the products they have already viewed on the site.



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