Because Your Grandparents Deserve the World


Parents are two of the most important people in our lives. We respect them the most, we love them the most, we’re connected to them the most, we trust them the most, we value them the most, and we care for them the most. Our world would be incomplete without them, and they are our spine, heart, and everything in between. Parents nourish us with ethics, morals, culture, traditions, behavior, and lessons. They are why we are what we are today. We’ve learned a lot watching them go through their set of experiences. But who made them what they are to make us what we are? They’re their parents, our dear grandparents. When we talk about grandparents, everything we get from our parents comes from them all doubled-up, deeper, and more experienced. Our grandparents are the two people that bind the entire family with a single thread of love and respect. They teach the value of relationships, they teach how important one’s family is, they teach us to value relationships, and they teach us life in general. If parents are 100% special to us, our grandparents deserve to be 200% special. Isn’t it?

Your grandparents are old, and they have seen a lot in their lives; our parents are working relentlessly to keep the entire family comfortable and in scarcity of nothing, so you must add that aspect of happiness, laughter, newness, and quality time to your family. It’s your responsibility to make your grandparents feel special every day. If you are living away from them, you might send cakes online to them, or you might send gifts to them randomly to surprise them. But do materialistic things matter to them? Is that what they need? Is that what would give them a sense of being complete and content? No. It’s more of the simpler things, though surprise cakes and gifts do make them happy and express to them that no matter what, they’re always in your thoughts and always in your hearts. But there are more things that you can do to make them feel happy internally.

These days, online delivery services have made connecting with your loved ones easier. Open the app, select what you want to send, add the address, and make a digital payment. That’s all. The world has certainly evolved into a smaller spot. You can send flowers to Noida, or you can send gifts to Nigeria, in short, you can send anything to anyone anywhere. You might be staying far from them, or you might be living with them. No matter what you do, your goal should be to see them smiling, always. We’ve made your work a little easy here. These are the few things you gift to your grandparents that will make their eyes shine and their hearts joyous.


  1. Family portrait: Photographs are a wonderful way of freezing time and storing memories. Photographs are a little short-cut down the memory lane, and no memory can be better than the one you make with your family. You can organize a family portrait session at home, ask everyone to dress up in outfits of the same color, select a location, and call a professional photographer. Get many pictures clicked with each other, especially the one with complete family in it. Get it developed, gift it to your grandparents, let your grandparents sign it, get it framed, and display it in the very center of your house. A family portrait displays the oneness between each member of the family. A family portrait is nothing short of a legacy that future generations get to see and admire.
  1. Fine Fun: Quality time is the best thing you can gift to your grandparents because, for years, all that they’ve been seeing is people of their family going to work, coming back all tired, then going to work again, it’s a loop, and not to disturb the resting time of anyone in the house, they often satisfy their hearts by looking at the faces of their family members. You can organize a fun night, wherein the food would be ordered from outside, nobody would be busy with any household chores, all of the family members would gather in the hall, and it would be a night full of games, singing, dancing, reliving old memories, and talking a lot. Let the laughter of every person in the house echo around the house, let the tummies of people hurt because of laughing their lungs out. You have no idea how much it would mean to your grandparents.
  1. Lock the Talk: Leave everything aside. Just go and hug your grandparents right now. You need not even utter a single word, but a hug will say all that’s in your heart for them. Now sit with them, and talk about various things, talk about how they got married, what struggles they faced, what was the world situation like when they were young, who were their best friends, what has kept the two together till date, how was it when they got their first child, you can keep on going for eternity when you’re talking to you grandparents, they have millions of interesting and real-life stories to tell. Spending time with them will be one of those gifts that they deserve in their life. You can ask the other family members to join as well.
  1. Twinning Winning: Gift your grandparents the outfits of the same color, ask them to get all dolled up, put a flower in your grandmother’s hair, and let them look like a newly wedded couple. Let your entire family sing and dance around them, put on nice music, make videos, take pictures, and make them laugh. Make them feel like the youngest couple in the family. You’ll see how your grandmother still feels shy, and you’ll see how much love your grandfather still has for her. Fill the entire house with a vibe of love. Take them down memory lane and let them relive the beautiful moments. Have dinner together that night, and it will mean the world to your grandparents.

Gifts are fine, cakes are fine, flowers are fine too, but what your grandparents consider as a special gift would be your expression of love that you have for them, the display of affection and care that you hold for them in your heart, quality time with their family members, having the entire family happy and cheerful in front of their eyes, and being around all the people they’ve worked hard on to make them a good human being. You are your grandparents’ world, and they genuinely deserve all of it. No gift in the world can be compared to the closeness of their family members for them. And that’s why they’re the most beautiful category of people on the face of the earth.


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