A Treasure Trove of Wedding Silk Sarees Below 10K


Wedding season is well and truly here, and it’s time to dress up in your best for the most special day of your life. Whether you’re a bride-to-be or looking to outshine the other guests on your side of the aisle, there’s no better way to do this than with a beautiful silk saree. Need help finding one? This article helps you discover a treasure trove of wedding silk sarees that are below Rs 10k everything you’re looking for!

Wedding silk sarees are an unrivalled way to represent Indian culture. In many Indian homes, silk sarees are saved and stored with the utmost care, with the intention of passing them on to the next generation. A silk saree brought into your life now, will probably stay on forever, and be worn generations later.

Exquisite Silk Sarees at Chinaya Banaras Clothing

Like priceless pearls discovered in the deepest oceans, the exquisite silk sarees at Chinaya Banaras Clothing are the best. Women worldwide have been drawn to them because of their excellence and finesse. These sarees come in various styles and colours, each with an exceptional shine. Let’s look at a few of these exquisite wedding silk sarees below 10,000; not to be overlooked.

Make way for the combination of Organza and silk for any occasion

With this Pure Organza Silk Saree, you can experience bliss and stand out from the crowd. But, of course, your wardrobe must include our handwoven sea-green saree. The embroidered floral buta encircles the entire saree, alluring cutwork embroidered border, which gives the charm. At any party, drape this handloom saree to command everyone’s attention.

Goodness of both worlds

The Peach Rangkat Woven Linen Saree features an unstitched blouse piece and a woven linen fabric with a rangkat pattern, woven leheriya stripes, and a border. A woven saree can exude charm, as anyone who has fallen in love with sarees is aware. Imagine combining linen and silk, two of the world’s most luxurious and genuine fabrics, to create a stunning saree. This would undoubtedly be the star of any wedding, enhancing the gorgeous glow of the bride.

Shades of yellow

It has an effortless beauty and ageless charm, making it a drape fit for a queen. Beautiful Pure Chinaya Silk Saree with contrast woven chinaya silk border. The yellow chinaya silk saree is embellished with digital floral patterns in complementary blue hues. Complement it with a Kamar bandh studded with stones to up the glitz factor. Get this gorgeous banarasi saree for the marriage in your closet right away!

Sheer embellishment

With our Sheer Tissue Silk Saree, you can demonstrate your sincere love for vintage fashion. On the drape, our grey handwoven saree is bound to exude vintage charm. The saree’s royal appearance is enhanced by a digital print embellishment. The border’s floral pattern subtly elevates elegance. At any party, drape this handicraft saree to make heads turn.

Mauve handcrafted silk saree

The unique Mauve Pure Chinaya Silk Saree is handcrafted with love and a sense of royal charm. A classic saree for any casual occasion, this fabric is made of pure chinaya silk and is a combination of exquisitely woven work. The handwoven silver zari buta, which has artistic detailing throughout, gives it a classy appearance. The designs in contrasting blue enhance its charm. The border and pallu are decorated with silver zari, which enhances their appeal. Wear silver jewellery with this Chinaya Peach Digital Printed Saree. Buy this gorgeous chinaya silk saree right away!

Colour for every woman

Your appearance is enhanced by the gorgeous navy Chinaya Silk saree with patola prints. Because of the weaving pattern, this fabric has a lovely gloss and a charming appearance. The border of the saree is contrasted with a gold zari weave. A blouse piece is included with the saree. Wear this saree to any occasion to show off your style.

Breathtaking tones of Blue

One of the few items that can make you feel festive is this vibrant Chinaya Silk Saree. Pure chinaya silk with the ideal fusion of joy and culture. The traditional saree is embellished with a lovely handloom woven contrast border. The length of the saree is covered in geometric prints, which give it a modern appearance. The saree also has an unstitched blouse piece that you can personalise to suit your tastes. So put on this gorgeous ethnic clothing right away.

The right hue for you

Any damsel’s wardrobe should now include pure Banarasi sarees. The woven gold zari buta motifs and digitally printed florals all over the saree give it a polished appearance. Our skilled artisans’ self-expression weave in this Lemon Yellow Chinaya Silk saree will make you feel good and enhance the occasion. A hint of Banarasi and the golden zari border give the saree life and increase its self-assurance.


Whether it is a wedding, a party, or a festival, wearing a silk saree is always a fashion statement. Visit Chinaya Banaras Clothing for the best and most festive silk sarees. We love to dress the classiest brides and their loving guests and relatives. Sarees and beautifully crafted blouses to match! Heavens behold, for your new draped avatar this wedding season!


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