7 Trendy Hats For Winter


A trendy look does not stop at the outfit you wear. From now on, trendy fashion accessories finish a look! Jewellery, handbags and hats bring the final touch, the one that makes you the stylish girl who masters the art and how to choose the right pieces. And precisely, let’s talk about hats!

7 Trendy Hats For Winter

To be warm or to give character to your look, adopting the hat trend is betting on the right look! But beware, there are some for all styles and some models are much more trendy than others. Let’s see together, how to wear a hat this winter to be stylish from head to toe!

7 trendy hat models for winter

The stuffed bob

We’ve seen it everywhere since this summer, the bucket hat is back. Key piece of streetwear looks, it brings the little vintage, offbeat touch that we like to wear. To adopt this designer piece in the nineties style, choose a fur bucket hat.

Bob in leopard, pink or simply black fur, the little stuffed bob gives you pep, style and above all a unique style! In terms of style, there aren’t really any rules. It can go just as well with a faux fur coat as with a chunky oversized knit or with chunky boots or rangers to ride the vintage wave. 

Do not hesitate to feminise the masculine spirit of the bucket hat with very feminine pieces, an elegant handbag, well-fitting high-waisted pants, etc. If fur is too much for you, no doubt you’ll love its soft version with a wool bucket hat. Plus, it’s super hot!!!

The beret

An adored piece with chic or minimalist style, the beret will make you a woman!

You’ll especially love its glam version in tangy red or burgundy. Accessorised with a trapeze skirt and a turtleneck, it will be enhanced with a beautiful red lipstick or a houndstooth accessory!

The fedora hat

It’s one of winter’s must-haves and certainly the one that adapts to the widest choice in terms of clothing style: rock, chic, bohemian, minimalist, the fedora works with everything.

For a bohemian look, wear it with a floral maxi dress and a cardigan or oversized knit accessorised with ankle boots.

For a rock look, we obviously opt for its black version with leather pants and a fine knit. And for a chic style, the fedora will also go perfectly with an elegant blouse and tailored pants.

The trend of the moment is the wide-brimmed hat with a small chic detail such as discreet gilding, a velvet outline, a two-tone detail or a small gold or silver object such as a butterfly for example.

The rain hat

Dressing in a hat when it rains is an art! K-way, raincoat, trench coat, all these pieces that we did not pay attention to in the past have become sought after and stylish. And to finish off a perfect rain look, don’t forget the famous rain hat.

  • Looking for a very pointed version of the rain hat? Opt for a transparent rain hat.
  • For a Deauville style, bet on a yellow rain hat like the raincoat!

And if you thought the Barbour rain hat was old-fashioned, think again, it’s back in the limelight again! 

The cap

Gone are the days when the cap was a summer accessory that we took out only to protect ourselves from the sun. Today, the cap is one of the essential trendy accessories all year round. With a trendy sweatshirt and leather pants or even in chic sportswear mode, we wear the cap in all sauces!


A basic that helps out when you want to be warm, but not only… The beanie is the perfect accessory to enhance a classic daytime look.

The good choice? A black or coloured knit or wool beanie with a patch on the front and a folded end on itself. It will give you a really trendy little style. Exit the traditional bobble hat and welcome to the chic streetwear range!

The cowboy hat

And finally, it is impossible to ignore this strong trend: the cowboy hat. To adopt it without seeming to be disguised, it is better to have a bohemian or rock style. With an African braid or beautiful curly and long hair, it will bring a lot of elegance to your outfit.

Just one last piece of advice by Albeli before you leave: no to the total look! If you wear a cowboy hat, then forget the fringes and the cowboy boots. Bet on feminine and belted maxi dresses and adopt it in a gipsy mode for a successful look.


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