6 Best Weekend Getaways from Washington DC


Whether you are a Washingtonian planning a weekend trip from Washington DC for a quick break from the hustle and bustle of the nation’s capital or a first-time traveller looking forward to making the most of your trip to DC, here is a list of the 6 best weekend getaways from Washington DC you need to visit for the best holiday experience.

St. Michaels, Maryland:

St. Michaels is a calm seaside village where you could idle your time away by the beautiful coastline that stretched for some miles. History buffs must check out Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum for a peek into Maryland’s history. Get to know a little about this town dating back to the 1600s, sign up for a sailing course offered by the Sailing Academy at the Inn at Perry Cabin, hang out near the shore for as long as you wish, and relish amazing seafood like crab and mussels and gulp down local beer. St. Michaels is indeed a great place to chill out!

Distance from Washington DC: 80 miles approximately
Driving time: 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours

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Rehoboth Beach, Delaware:

Loved for its sandy shores, Rehoboth Beach is a favourite weekend trip from Washington DC among families. The beach was originally founded as a church group retreat. Its renowned boardwalk is dotted with numerous attractions like amusement rides, carnival games, music performances, ice cream shops, and seafood restaurants. Kids are bound to have an amazing time at this beach as they busy themselves with a plethora of fun activities apart from swimming. There is vibrant nightlife on offer at Rehoboth Beach for adults. Hence, this is a place that disappoints none, be it children or adults.

Distance from Washington DC: 120 miles approximately
Driving time: 2 hours and 30 minutes to 3 hours

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia:

Known for the beautiful scenery of the Blue Ridge Mountains and a plethora of outdoor activities, Harpers Ferry is another popular weekend trip from Washington DC. As a city that played a very important role in the Civil War, Harpers Ferry Historic District has several historically significant buildings. The Harpers Ferry National Historical Park is a must-see place where you can explore both the city’s history and miles of scenic hiking trails. If you are into thrilling adventures like white water rafting, tubing, ziplining, paddleboarding, etc., head to River Riders Family Adventure Resort.

Distance from Washington DC: 70 miles approximately
Driving time: Nearly 1 hour and 30 minutes

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

A city steeped in history; Philadelphia never fails to attract travellers with its countless historic attractions. This city is referred to as the birthplace of American Independence as this is where the Founding Fathers met and signed the Declaration of Independence. The country’s first World Heritage City, Philadelphia is filled with iconic landmarks like Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, and Philadelphia Museum of Art among others. Not just for its rich history, Philadelphia is also famous for its food scene. You simply cannot miss out on cheesesteaks and pretzels when you are here.

Distance from Washington DC: 140 miles approximately
Driving time: Nearly 2 hours and 30 minutes

Baltimore, Maryland:

Located less than an hour away, Baltimore is one of the best options you have if you are looking for the nearest places for your weekend trip from Washington DC. Maryland’s biggest city, Baltimore is recognized for its African American history, lovely waterfront views, live jazz music, delicious cuisine, and contemporary art scene. This city has got something to offer for travellers with different interests. Baltimore Museum of Art, American Visionary Art Museum, the Walters Art Museum, Maryland Science Center, and the Maryland Zoo are some of the top attractions to visit in Baltimore.

Distance from Washington DC: 40 miles approximately
Driving time: Nearly one hour

Charlottesville, Virginia:

Home to the renowned University of Virginia, Charlottesville is a popular tourist attraction in VA. The place offers great wine tasting tours and the Monticello Wine Trail with more than 30 wineries (including the very popular Barboursville Vineyards) is the drawcard for wine lovers. Don’t worry beer lovers, you have the Brew Ridge Trail. After its many wineries, breweries, and cideries, the brick-lined Downtown Mall lined with art galleries, theatres, outdoor concert venues, and restaurants with outdoor seating invites several tourists with the promise of great fun and entertainment.

Distance from Washington DC: 120 miles approximately
Driving time: Nearly 2 hours and 30 minutes

So, which of these places are you going to visit on your weekend trip from Washington DC? Or, are you planning a long holiday in DC? Don’t fail to add these destinations to your Washington itinerary for the best holiday experience. The best deals on flight tickets to Washington from Ahmedabad are available year-round at Indian Eagle. Book your flights now and have a great vacation in Washington DC!


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