5 Tips to Help You Choose a New Blanket


You might wonder if you even need advice on choosing bedding and bed linen for your bedroom! Surely, there can’t be anyone other than yourself who knows what is best. However, it isn’t impossible for you to flaw a bit, or get carried away rather, while you try and choose your bedding.

New Blanket

Think About an All-Purpose Type

If you know how convenient a throw blanket is, you would list it as an essential in your bedroom. This type is light and the perfect size to pick up and carry around. They don’t feel heavy or make you feel suffocated in hot Summer but are yet warm and just right to snuggle up in Winter. Consider picking a neutral color so it would look perfect in any part of your bedroom. But if you really fancy hot pink, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go for it!

Explore and Choose the Right Fabrics

There’s a range of fabrics to choose from when it comes to snuggly blankets. In fact, you may even have a favorite type already. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to check out fabrics you aren’t familiar with or haven’t used before, and then decide what suits you best.

You might even discover a new favorite that is perfect in every way. For example, cotton might be a good option for those with allergies, while fleece blankets might be a perfect choice for those who want to stay super warm in really cold weather.

What About Specialty Fabrics

Apart from the above, there are also a couple of sophisticated choices you can make if you’d like. When you take cotton, for instance, one might opt to look for Turkish cotton very specifically because of its extra smooth and soft texture than normal.

Cotton blends are also sought after by many owing to the unique feel. Nevertheless, what type you settle for greatly depends on your personal preferences and specific conditions in your bedroom. Look up the web to find the loveliest Australian wool blankets you can afford.

Choose Colours Wisely

It is quite fair to have the most unique fancies when it comes to colors and colour combinations. As far as bedding is concerned, your temptations to experiment with colours might almost seem endless. Nevertheless, if you want to have a lasting ambiance and also care about easy maintenance, you may want to be a little more thoughtful with your choices of colour. Try and be more focused on achieving calmness and creating a soothing environment with cooler colours instead of vibrant tones.

Have Options

As mentioned above, the weather is almost all to think about when it comes to choosing blankets. However, at times, it can be hard to resist picking one just because you loved the colour, or because all that mattered was the absolute fluffiness!

This is why it might be a good idea to think about variety. In other words, have a few types that will suit seasons/weathers that would come by. This way, you know that nothing gets in the way when you simply need to hop into the zone and snuggle up!


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