12 Gifts for a First-Time Grandma


Becoming a grandparent for the first time can be one of life’s most joyous occasions. If you know a first-time grandmother, you can get her one of these gifts to add even more joy to this chapter in her life.

12 Gifts for a First-Time Grandma

1. Grandma Guidebook

Becoming a first-time grandparent can be a daunting experience for some grandmothers, and a grandma guidebook can give her better instructions for managing this new chapter in her life. Some guidebooks may give grandmas a refresher course on parenting so that babysitting will be easier. The new grandma in your life can also get advice on how to be the best grandparent possible without coming across as being too overwhelming or pushy.

2. Personalized Ornament

You can find plenty of ornamental balls and other Christmas ornaments that can be personalized with the name and other special messages that may be perfect for the new grandma in your life. If the grandma you know doesn’t celebrate Christmas, you can choose from other personalized ornaments that can be great for other holidays or to use as home décor.

3. Monthly Subscription Box

New gifts for grandma will arrive every month when you sign her up for a monthly subscription box. Chocolate-of-the-month and flower-of-the-month club memberships are always popular, or you could get her a variety-of-the-month membership so that she receives different gifts.

4. Personalized Jewelry

She can enhance her fashion and show off her joy in being a grandmother if you get her some jewelry pieces that can be customized. Rings, pendant necklaces, and other jewelry pieces can be engraved with her name, the name of her new grandchild, or other special messages that are appropriate for her grandparents.

5. Meal Preparation Gear

Some new items for the kitchen may come in handy for when she babysits and wants to prepare meals for her grandchild. You can get her a cookware set that includes different varieties of pots and pans. She may also appreciate a cutlery or drinkware set.

6. Stationery Set

If she enjoys writing, a new stationery set can be a practical and thoughtful gift. You can get her a stationery set that comes with plain notepads, cards, and envelopes or stationery that features floral prints or other special designs. The stationery set that you get may also come with a daily planner book that she can use to keep track of babysitting times, playdates, and other meetings with her grandchild.

7. Gardening Tools

Gardening can help the grandma in your life de-stress and get back in touch with nature, and a gardening tool set can be an excellent way to show your appreciation for her. She may even want her grandchild to participate in gardening with her eventually, and the right gardening tools will make planting and caring for vegetation easier. Many toolkits include pruning sheers and hand rakes along with bags that allow for easy carrying.

8. Handheld Vacuum

Her grandchild might make messes while she’s babysitting, and a handheld vacuum can help keep her home cleaner and safer for the two of them. Handheld vacuums can pick up dirt, dust, and food crumbs with little effort, and the compact size of these vacuums makes them easy to store and grab quickly.

9. Digital Photo Frame

A standard frame is nice, but a digital photo frame will allow her to look at multiple pictures that are part of a rotating slideshow. Instead of holding just one picture, digital photo frames can store multiple pictures so that Grandma can look at different pictures of her grandchild along with any other special photos of family and friends.

10. Faux Fur Blanket

A blanket that’s made out of faux fur can provide additional warmth and comfort for her and her grandbaby. This type of blanket can be used when she’s cuddling with her grandchild or for her own personal use. A faux fur blanket can also provide a cushy, comfortable surface for her grandchild to play, crawl or lie on when she’s babysitting.

11. House Slippers

House slippers can make walking around the house easier on the feet and can help keep her feet warm when temperatures drop and the floor is cold. These slippers can also offer relief to a tired grandmother whose feet are sore after playing with or chasing around her grandchild.

12. Spa Gift Certificate

If Grandma needs a break, a spa gift certificate can offer her the chance to escape and pamper herself for a while. You can get a gift certificate that can be redeemed at a spa that offers massage therapy, facials, and other therapeutic and beauty treatments.


Whether you want to make a new grandmother’s life easier or simply brighten her day, any of these gifts can be a great addition to her life. Some of these gifts may also give the grandmother a better way to bond with her grandchild.


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