10 Reasons to Choose a High Back Office Chair


Work from home or the hybrid work environment is the new normal in the present scenario. Creating formal workspaces at home has become essential to ensure smooth functioning for professionals with long working hours. Certain furniture like an office chair and a table are now a must-have for those working from home to avoid any discomfort in this style of functioning.

Sitting for long hours has become the order of the day, leading to health issues like stiff neck and back pain, to name a few. A comfortable chair has a direct bearing on your performance. Tormenting back pain or stiffness caused by your chair could surely distract you from meeting your deadlines and even achieving your work targets. So, owning an office chair that gives you the required support is the wisest furniture choice. Chairs with adjustable or ergonomic features, such as a high back, are favoured by those who have prolonged working hours.

10 Reasons to Choose a High Back Office Chair

Comfort and support are the deciding factors when choosing an office chair. A high back office chair is an ideal solution, according to experts. The striking feature of such a chair is its elevated back and broad contour. Its high, built-in backrest supports the head, neck, shoulders and back, thus eliminating the discomfort of sitting in the same position for long stretches. A high-back chair is more comfortable and practical as you can easily adjust its headrest, bringing it to your posture of comfort.

Mid-back versus high-back office chairs

Though there are several features that differentiate an office chair from the other, the most pronounced is the type of the back. An office chair could be low-back, mid-back or high-back. As your productivity rests highly on the right kind of office chair, you are often caught in a dilemma when choosing between a high- and mid-back chair.

Mid-back chairs are smaller and do not have a headrest to support your head. The height of such a chair is slightly lower than your shoulders, though it supports the back and spine. It is only useful if you have a smaller space and fewer sitting hours of work. Available in different variants like ergonomic, modern, ribbed with leather and mesh finish, mid-back chairs are more suitable for conference halls.

High-back chairs are taller and wider than mid-back chairs. The most noticeable difference between the two is in appearance. The headrest, which is an additional part of the high-back office chair, makes it appear taller. The tall backrest in these chairs holds your head, neck and back perfectly, thereby lessening the stress that usually falls on them with any other chair. It is the most ideal choice for those experiencing back pain. The adjustable options that these high-back chairs provide are most suitable for people with tall frames and over-stretched working hours. Those with towering personalities will not be comfortable sitting in a mid-back chair.

Realising the significance of a comfortable office chair, studies have also been conducted on their impact on people’s health. A Cornell University study stresses, “The rightly ergonomically designed chairs provide maximum support. They support your upper torso in the best possible way. This position greatly lowers the pressure on your spinal discs. Your spinal plates are extended and stressed as you twist forward to work.

Getting the right kind of chair will support health in addition to various exercise routines. No pain, no more health issues.” Similarly, PubMed Central, a biomedical and life sciences journal has mentioned in their journal, “Prolonged sitting has been associated with musculoskeletal dysfunction. For desk workers modifications in work station, especially seating arrangement needs to be addressed. Chairs which can prevent the abnormal strain of the neuromuscular system may aid in preventing musculoskeletal pain and discomfort. The adjustability of the seat height and pan depth in accordance to the physical structure of the user has been recommended as a solution.”

With so much going in favor of high back office chairs, here are ten reasons to choose these chairs over other chairs.

1. Perfect support for your head

Maintaining the right posture is the biggest concern for those working for long hours. The high back office chair with a headrest provides the required support to your head, which is crucial if you are working on a computer for long durations. Without such head support, you can cause injury or stress to your neck. High back office chairs improve your posture and protect you from any kind of strain related to your neck.

2. Cradles the neck perfectly

A strain in the neck could be a great hindrance to your efficient working, especially when you have an extended work routine. A high back office chair that cradles the head and neck perfectly prevents any kind of strain or stiffness on your neck, which, if unattended, can lead to other health issues in the long run.

3. Gives the required support to your shoulders

Working long hours in front of your computer can take a toll on your body. A high back office chair reduces the possibility of any such happening. It provides the perfect back support, keeping your spine aligned and saving you from any kind of extra pressure on your shoulders. It prevents any possibility of the upper body or lower back pain.

4. Prevents back pain

The most common grievance for people working in front of a computer for an extended duration is back pain. Constant sitting causes stiffness in the lower back, but a high back office chair, which provides lumbar support, considerably reduces this health risk. It prevents the spine from over-arching, which could cause conditions such as nerve damage and chronic pain. While a regular chair does not have the required back height, it forces you to lean forward. It disturbs your natural posture and causes unnecessary pressure on your back.

5. Reduces hip pressure

Sitting down on a chair often hurts your hips the most, as they hold your body weight. An ergonomic high back chair that has a wider and more suitable seat depth helps in mitigating this pressure. The pan depth of the seat, suitable for the body type of the user, should be considered while selecting an office chair. The pain of constantly sitting is considerably eased with this seating solution.

6. Total back support

Spending a lot of time before the computer has a detrimental effect on your health as it strains muscles, adds pressure on joints and disturbs blood circulation in your body. A high back office chair reduces this ill effect to a certain extent. With perfect back support, it prevents the body from slouching. It keeps the body erect, reducing the overpressure on your body. A relaxed body does wonders for your work output, as a comfortable chair improves an employee’s productivity.

7. Adjustable features or ergonomic chairs

Those who work long shifts crave a seating arrangement that reduces the discomfort associated with such a work schedule. An adjustable high-back office chair fits perfectly for such a work environment. With the features of adjustable height, width, depth, armrests, and relaxed positioning, these chairs are far more comfortable than regular office chairs. The user can bring these high-back office chairs to their own comfort level through these adjustable features.

8. The best pick for a long duration of work

The ergonomic or adjustable feature of these high-back office chairs makes them ideal for those following an unlimited working hours schedule. Made to adjust all body types, it provides support, comfort and good posture. For those in the habit of reclining or changing their position after thirty minutes, the high-back ergonomic office chair helps them take it easy. This further reduces the risk of any health condition caused due to sitting in a similar position for a long duration.

The American Heart Association has also advised keeping changing your sitting positions to escape harmful health effects. A comfortable seating arrangement is also encouraged to ensure fewer medical expenses that a bad posture can incur.

9. Provides both comfort and style

Apart from the comfort a high-back office chair provides, it also lends a style to your work environment. If you are working from home, these chairs certainly add a professional touch to the entire setup. It is the most suitable pick for those who wish to continue their professional efficiency even working from their personal space. These chairs come in various varieties like mesh and leather finish.

10. Long-term investment

Good quality ergonomic high back office chairs are a long-term investment. These chairs are designed for long-term use, reducing the need for making recurrent purchases. The warranty attached with these items certainly makes it an attractive purchase. Available at attractive prices and different ranges, these are now becoming the choice of professionals working remotely.


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