10 Best AngularJS Libraries for Developers in 2023


The world of AngularJS development has advanced quite a bit in the past few years, but it’s still important to keep your skills and knowledge up to date. Luckily, there are several great libraries you can use to help make this happen, which I’ll list below! Now, these aren’t necessarily the top libraries right now, but they have the potential to be in 2023 if they continue growing in popularity and usefulness. Use them as starting points on your own path to AngularJS mastery!


The library offers a wide range of features, including support for multiple data types, editing, filtering, and more. It also offers server-side pagination with infinite scrolling and sorting. Ag-Grid is free to use but with some limitations. For example, developers can only have up to 100K records on the free version and up to 10 columns on each page. However, it still remains one of the best libraries available because it provides numerous options that allow you to customize your grid without needing a code change.

10 Best AngularJS Libraries for Developers in 2022

Angular Material

If you’re looking for a comprehensive library that covers all the basics of AngularJS development, look no further than Angular Material. With over 30 individual components, Angular Material provides an extensive range of options for building dynamic web applications. Plus, the library is constantly being updated with new features and bug fixes.


In addition to being easy to use and scalable, Ngrx/Store is also performant. The library uses observables and immutable data structures, which helps keep your app fast and responsive. These are ideal for complex apps with a lot of data that need to be synced across different screens or users.

It comes with built-in support for lazy loading routes and directives (such as ngIf), an API using TypeScript that ensures complete type safety, and a declarative interface with effects support.

Ngrx/Effects: The Effects library provides you with the power of RxJS observables without having to deal with operators yourself. All the power without any of the headaches!

Google Maps

If you’re looking for an AngularJS library that can help you create interactive maps, then look no further than Angular Google Maps. This library allows you to add custom markers, info windows, and other overlays to your map. It also provides a suite of RESTful APIs, which can be useful if you want to use third-party data or integrate the library with other services.

It’s worth noting that this is not the only way to integrate Google Maps into an Angular app – it’s just one of the best libraries out there for doing so.


If you’re looking for an AngularJS library to help you with internationalization (i18n), then Ngx-Translate is definitely worth checking out. It’s easy to use and has a wide range of features, making it one of the most popular i18n libraries for AngularJS. We also love how easily integrated it is into your app, which means that there are no dependencies or additional files needed. There are many tutorials available on their website and the documentation page is super helpful if you want to learn more about its capabilities.


  1. The Angular 2-jwt library is a great option for developers looking to add authentication to their AngularJS applications.
  2. It provides an HTTP interceptor which automatically attaches a JSON Web Token to outgoing requests.
  3. Additionally, the library includes support for refresh tokens, which allows for seamless authentication even when a user’s session expires.
  4. Another great feature of this library is its compatibility with Auth0, which makes it easy to integrate into existing applications.

Cloudinary Angular SDK

  1. Cloudinary is a cloud-based media management platform that offers a number of services for businesses, including image and video hosting, administration, and transformation.
  2. The Cloudinary Angular SDK is a library that allows developers to easily integrate Cloudinary into their AngularJS applications.
  3. This SDK makes it easy to upload, transform, and manage your media files from within your AngularJS code.


The ng2-pdf-viewer library is a great way to display PDFs in your Angular application. It’s easy to use and can be integrated into your existing angular project with just a few lines of code. Plus, the library is constantly being updated with new features and bug fixes. Here are 10 reasons why you should use the ng2-pdf-viewer library in your AngularJS project: 1) Simple API –

  1. Completely free –
  2. Works well on mobile devices –
  3. Works offline –
  4. Integrates seamlessly with any existing app that has an API that supports XMLHttpRequests


Ngx-charts is an open-source and declarative charting library for Angular. The library is easy to use and customizable. Plus, it has built-in support for TypeScript and can be used with any other JavaScript framework. For example, it provides a large selection of UI frameworks including Bootstrap 4, Foundation 6, Semantic UI 2 and Material Design Lite.
It also provides a variety of templates like Flat Chart or Column Chart that are ready to use.

Ngx-charts is one of the best Angular libraries available right now as it’s been used by big companies like Uber or Yahoo!


Hire AngularJS developers is a popular JavaScript framework that helps developers create single-page applications. The framework is constantly evolving, and new libraries are released all the time. In this blog post, we’ll round up 10 of the best AngularJS libraries for developers to use in 2023. These libraries make coding much easier, help with security and performance issues, offer improved frameworks for web apps, build on Bootstrap CSS stylesheets with Bootstrap Material Design Lite (a material design inspired by Google’s Material Design), as well as provide a front-end library for displaying data such as charts.

One library worth mentioning, in particular, is Ng-seed/universal. It provides generators to set up projects like seed projects or bootstrapping the codebase from scratch with ease.


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